Wife Photo Sharing

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There are many wife photo sharing sites on the internet that have lots and lots of good pictures. These sites are some of the highest hit websites when it comes to adult entertainment. It seems that every guy out there is looking for hot wife photos to share and to add to their collection.

If you are one of these guys who get turned on by either looking at someone else’s wife’s photos or by sharing pictures of your own wife, then you will be hard pressed not to find numerous sites to help you out. You should have no problems what so ever in finding the right wife photo sharing site for you.

For any of you who have no idea what these sites are all about, I will give you a small taste. There are sites out there that specialize in wife pictures. The husbands are usually the ones taking the photos. Then they go to these wife picture sharing sites and upload them for everyone to see. You can also get some really good pictures of guys swapping their wives with other men and taking pictures of those two fucking each other. Some are very unique and almost all of them are extremely hot to look at.

The wives that are a part of these wife photo sharing sites are very happy to be a part of the whole adult industry and seem to enjoy having their pictures taken. Some of them have even won online contests and ended up being featured in some men’s magazines as full fledged models. Now, that is what I call taking pride in your sexual objectives.

If you are one of these wives then you should feel a bit special to have your pictures showing up on these photo sharing sites as you end up getting quite a lot of hits. This pushes your selections up the chain to the most viewed picture sets as these wife photo sharing sites.. This is the premiere area for any of the pictures and is where most of them really want to be. It’s like being given an award for being the best singer in a singing contest. Maybe not the same attention but you get the idea. The wife picture sharing sites that are in the top rankings of the internet search engines thrive on these ladies getting their pictures rated like this.


I have this thing for seeing other men’s wife photos online. I’m not married or anything and it is such a huge turn on to see someone’s wife getting all naked and having pictures taken of her. Now, I know that there are a lot of sites out there that claim they are real wives, but then it only turns out that they are actually paid models doing a professional photo shoot. These sites I just pass up when I get to them. It’s the real ones that I enjoy looking at and you can always tell the fakes from the real ones every time.

When looking at a set of wife photos I always look for the wedding ring. I have found that some of the pictures out there have women that don’t have rings on and from there I know that it’s part of a photo shoot. I love the thought of looking at another man’s wife naked and knowing that he was taking the pictures and posting them online for all the other guys to look at.

Wife photos are some of the hottest photos that I can look at. They seem to be more real and life like rather than staged with the over head lights and everything. They are using their own furniture and props instead of using a stage set that has furniture you would never actually see in a normal couple’s house. That is what turns me on the most, knowing that you are getting a peek into the normal life of someone that you could actually meet on the street or in the store of any town you happen to live in rather than having to travel to some major city to hang out where all the rich models would be.

I know that when I finally break down and get married, I am definitely going to be taking wife photos and putting them up on the internet, if she is willing. I would love to be able to add to the collection of photos out there since I have been enjoying them for so long. It’s like giving back to the community that has supported me in my pleasure and given me such great feelings of joy. That is just the way I am, though. I like to look and would love to give back so that others like me could enjoy them, too.


Nobody wants to be surfing around the internet and accidentally come across a pop up add that has your nude wife photos on it. That is one of the biggest let downs in history and that is exactly what happened to me the other day. It was the shame of my life until I realized that I wasn’t the one that took those pictures.

She was dressed in nothing but a pair of high heeled shoes and a smile. Now, don’t get me wrong. She looked hot as hell but the whole idea that she was posing naked for some other man, letting him take pictures, and post them online was enough to make steam shoot out of my ears.

I love looking at nude wife photos and I can be found surfing the best sites out there that offer them but I never thought I would be looking at photos of my wife when I did that. As far as I remember she wouldn’t let me take any pictures of her, and doing videos was totally out of question. Not even if they were only seen by us. Yet, here she was in her birthday suit showing the whole world what, I, her husband, rarely got to see in our own bedroom.

When I confronted her about the nude wife photos I had seen of her online, she, of course, denied ever having them taken. So, to prove my point I went to the site to show her what I had found. She was naturally upset that I would even be on one of those sites stating that I get enough nudity at home, which I don’t, and that I should be ashamed of myself for even thinking of looking at other women naked. I felt that was a huge contradiction in terms personally.

I showed her the nude wife photos that were, naturally, of her. That was when she started laughing at me. I obviously missed the joke and started yelling at her about it. That is when she pointed out the very obvious feature that the woman in the picture had that she didn’t: the birthmark on the top of her left breast. I had to take a horribly long look and realized that she was right; she never had a birthmark there. Then she explained that it was her cousin, and they had been mistaken as twins for most of their life while they were growing up. Well, except for that birthmark.


Nothing gets me off better than looking at horny wife photos online. Well, maybe if I got to TAKE them would make me hornier. But I haven’t found any horny wives that would let me take their photos, yet. However, I am still trying. Just being able to see them in all those hot poses with their toys and everything drives me mad. In fact, just talking about it is making me a bit hard right now. You probably didn’t want to know THAT, though.

I love being able to surf a site that has all the hottest horny wife photos so I can save them to my computer and make a little slide show presentation. I can then sit back and enjoy them while I…AHEM… pleasure myself. There I go again with too much information.

I found this one site that had nothing but hot ass wives sliding dildos in their pussies. It was the best site ever in my book. They had all kinds of horny wife pictures on that site. All sizes and shapes and they were doing nothing but fucking themselves silly with huge dildos. I must have looked through every single picture on that site as it was almost seven hours later when I stopped looking. You should see the slide show I have of that one. It took me three days to put all those horny wife photos together so that it almost played like a porn movie.

I bet if I spent my time a bit more wisely on things like working I would have a huge house and nice car, but I much prefer to be a bit on the poor side and look at my picture slideshows. It seems like such a waste to let all those horny wife photos just sit in cyber land when I can put them to good use by making me as hard as concrete. That’s how I look at it, anyway.

I think that more woman, especially wives, should be out there getting their pictures taken so that I can see them online playing with themselves. Most people just think I am a pervert but I like to look at it as if I am an avid collector of rare art. Or at least an art that I find to be exhilarating and very effective for when I need to masturbate, which is at least twice a day.


There’s not much in the world that doesn’t turn me on. I especially love to look at a good wife photo. You know the ones I’m talking about with the sexy wife who has nice perky tits. Those are what I enjoy the most in my online adventures. It’s almost as if they are posting them just for me, although, I’m not crazy enough to believe that. Dream, yes, but not believe.

I would like to be able to take some pictures myself but I don’t have a wife and none of the wives I do know would ever let me take pictures of them. So, I have to find sites that offer a wife photos, instead. That’s really ok with me, though.

I did come very close once to taking a wife picture. She was my next door neighbor and we were always flirting with each other. What made it so good was the fact that her husband was always going on business trips out of town and she had all kinds of free time on her hands to play with. No pun intended. She caught me looking at some of these photos one day when she came over to borrow some ingredients for a cake she was making, and asked what I was doing. So, I told her all about the site I was visiting and how much I enjoyed looking at this one particular wife photo.

She was very curious and we started talking about what we would need to be able to take some of her. She seemed very interested and we even set up a time to take the photos over at her house. It was only about an hour before we were going to be taking those pictures when her husband showed up early from one of his many business trips.

Wouldn’t you know that the one time I was going to take my very own wife photo, this would happen? It turns out that he had quit his job because it kept him away from his wife so much and he wasn’t happy with that. He had decided that it was time for them to change a few things and they were going to move to London and start a new life. He even had another job lined up and a new place to live before he even came home. That was a very sad night for me as I never got to see her again after that. Funny how some things work out, I guess.


There is a site on the internet that I found that has some of the best pictures I have ever seen. It’s not your usual site that just shows a lot of naked women in various positions though. This site only has one girlfriend wife photo. Now, I know that sounds very odd but it is something that you would just have to see in order to fully understand and believe, for that matter.

It seems that this guy had dedicated a whole website to his wife. She thought it was very sexy of him to do that and he was feeling quite good about himself until his girlfriend found out about it. You see, he had never told his girlfriend that he was married, nor did he tell his wife that he had a girlfriend. So, his girlfriend decided that if he really loved her he would make a site dedicated to her also. That is why he put up one girlfriend wife photo.

What he did was learn how to use a photo editing program and picture morphing software. This allowed him to create a picture that had both his wife and girlfriend together changing from one to the other in a blink of an eye. The only thing is that you have to find just the right spot with your cursor to get the effect to work right. It was genius and his wife never suspected a thing.

His girlfriend wife photo became the talk of the town where he was living and it seemed like no one but him and his girlfriend knew anything about how the picture worked. He was almost unstoppable in his demand for creating a site for both of them until his wife’s sister found the trick to make this photo change. That’s when all hell broke loose.

His wife’s sister and he never really got along. So, when she told his wife what was going on, it was the end of his marriage with her. After the divorce was finalized, he went and changed the girlfriend wife photo on the page. Instead of it being his wife changing into his girlfriend, he made it his girlfriend changing into his ex wife. The only thing is that it was an old picture of his ex wife when she was eating a whole plate of ribs and had sauce all over her face.


It may come as a shock to any of you who are reading this, but there was a time when I was happily married. That was until I found out that my ex wife photos of her on a beach completely naked kissing another guy were being kept under her side of our mattress. It seems that when I wasn’t home she would pull it out and have a little reminiscent time of her favorite vacation.

Once I found out about my ex wife photos sitting there under the mattress, it was all I could do to not go completely insane and do things that I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about. But everything turned out for the best as I had some photos of her as well. So, I set about making a very nice little contribution to a site that I found online that gives incriminating photos to the world to rate and comment on.

My ex wife photos that I posted were way worse than just her naked backside while she was kissing some guy on the beach. I had some of her shoving a huge cucumber into her pussy while smearing chocolate pudding all over her tits. Now, that is something you don’t get to see very often. And that is exactly what her boss thought when he came across them one day.

Now, she is an outcast with every group of people she has had contact with all because of a few ex wife photos that I had found hidden under her side of the bed. It just goes to show that it’s not always guys that are hiding things to keep their wives from getting mad at them. Sometimes women are just as bad as some guys are and they need to be brought back into reality.

So ladies, if you ever think that you can get away with things like my ex wife photos were showing everyone online, maybe you should take a deeper look into yourselves and wonder what you would do if this same thing had happened to you. My ex wife lost her job because she was found posing nude online. She had worked for a highly thought of business company, her new boyfriend left her and now she can’t even go out in public. All of this happened because she thought she was being so much smarter than me.


Now, it’s no surprise that my wife and I have the best sex life the world has ever seen. Well, it isn’t to us but it may be to you, I guess. Anyway, the main reason we have such a great sex life is very simple: My wife personal photos are some of the hottest around. She will do some of the craziest things you could ever imagine and let me take pictures of her. Then, we get to go through and look at all the good ones that we have kept in a scrap book. It makes us so hot looking at them that we just have to have sex right then and there.

I feel that having an outlet like taking my wife personal photos together and going through them when we want to have some fun is the most basic thing in our relationship. Now, we don’t post them online or send them into magazines or anything of that sort. We just keep them for personal reasons and find that having that little secret between the two of us helps us have a more fulfilling relationship. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a favorite personal photo of my wife in my wallet at all times. When I get bored at work, I head off to a quiet bathroom and have a very good time looking at it.

We had talked about putting her pictures on a website once but decided that the wife personal photos would probably be seen by people that we didn’t really want to be looking at them and cause us all kinds of problems. Like the guy down the street that has offered more than once to take pictures of us together. He is kind of a creepy little guy and we don’t really trust him one bit. I think he just wants to watch us having sex, but that’s my opinion. She thinks he is stalker material and that we shouldn’t even consider letting him know anything about our wife personal photos or it could cause us more problems than it’s worth. I don’t think he would cause that many problems for us, but I am surely not comfortable with letting him see naked pictures of my wife. That’s why we call them our personal pictures. It’s just between my wife and me and that is where it needs to stay for now.


As I was walking down the street the other day, a guy came up to me and asked if I would be so kind as to take some sexy wife photos for him. I thought that was a bit odd, but agreed because I wanted to see what his wife looked like. There are times in my life when I wished I had just shut my mouth and walked away. This was one of those times.

Everyone has a few regrets in life and this is the one that is on the top of my list so far. It turned out that the sexy photos he wanted me to take of his wife were far from as far from being sexy as you could get. If there was a pageant for the Unsexiest woman alive, this man’s wife just might have won hands down.

Now, I have no doubt that he loved his wife and thought dearly of her but she was one of the ugliest women I had ever seen and this fool wanted me to take sexy wife photos of her. It was all I could do to even look at her. I was also pretty sure that the camera wouldn’t be functioning properly after taking the first picture.

I know that it’s mean of me to say things like this but that lady shouldn’t have even been let out in public due to the fear that she causes to the population. She was, however, very sweet so I got out the camera and started taking the supposed sexy wife photos for her and her husband. It was going alright until she started taking off her clothes and it was all I could do to keep my lunch down.

Some people are very unattractive and some are just ugly. However, this lady would scare children when she walked outside. The biggest and roughest bikers in the world would cry at her approach and I was forced to take naked sexy wife photos of this beast. There were times when she was bending over and lifting one of her legs that I just wanted to gouge my own eyes out with a pencil. It got that bad. I guess it wouldn’t have been so bad if someone had shown her how to shave but even the cutest monkeys would look odd with no hair and she had plenty of hair, trust me. But I got the photos taken for them and immediately went home to take a very hot shower.


I have a collection of the best wife sex photos you have ever seen, and I was the one taking every single photo. To top it all off, I have never been married in my entire life. Hell, half of these women, I don’t even know.

You see, I go out to clubs or bars, and find hot women. I introduce myself and tell them that I am a photographer. I tell them that they could really make it big if they let me take some pictures of them. Then, I proceed to set them up for me to take those wife sex photos. I never call them again, afterwards. Most people think I am just scamming these poor women but I never promise them anything. In addition, the sex usually turns out to be pretty good. So, it’s a win for all involved, as far as I am concerned.

The last sexy wife photos I took were of this hot 28 year old who was married to some old guy in his 80’s. She knew that I wasn’t going to be even attempting to make her a super model or anything. She just wanted me to give her copies of the pictures so she could give them to her husband on his birthday. So, I set up everything to take a set of wife sex photos, and we began our fun.

It turned out that he had just gotten a prescription for one of those erection medications and she wanted to try it out. So she hunted me down and asked me to take the pictures of her. This old guy’s sexy wife photos were going to make them both very happy, and, as usual, she was very hot in bed. We must have fucked for hours with the camera on auto snapping pictures every couple of seconds.

We had to change positions a couple of times, and I forgot to upload the pictures to the computer for about thirty minutes. This ended up making me a bit upset, as in that thirty minutes we should have gotten some of the best photos yet. But things like that happen when you are distracted and not paying attention to the camera. I had a couple of things going on that were very capable of distracting me from anything in this reality than what I was doing to her nipples.