Wife Photo Sharing

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There are guys out there who enjoy watching their wives getting fucked nice and hard by other guys. They also like to take bang my wife photos and post them all over the internet. I, myself, would rather look at those pictures than take any pictures of my wife getting fucked by another guy. Maybe I’m just a bit old fashioned or something.

I did have a friend of mine who enjoyed taking pictures of his wife and other men. He even asked me if I wanted to fuck her one night so he could take some photos of the two of us together. Of course, I turned the offer down as my wife was sitting right next to me. I think that if she hadn’t been there or I wasn’t married I would have jumped on that as his wife is extremely hot and being in bang my wife photos wouldn’t be all that bad.

I have even seen some of her pictures online and I must say that she sure knows how to handle herself very well. The guys always look like they are enjoying themselves, and she looks like she is having fun also. I know my friend enjoys being the cameraman. He always tells me that after they take the bang my wife photos they always have the most remarkable sex.

I just don’t think my wife would enjoy having sex with another man while I was running around taking pictures of the two of them. I know I wouldn’t be very happy with it. I’m a bit more jealous than I probably should be when it comes to things like that. Like I said before, I am a bit of the old fashioned type guy. I believe that sex is something that should be between the two of you, and that’s all. But I do enjoy seeing those bang my wife photos that get posted online.

Yes, it’s a contradiction to enjoy looking at photos like that but not wanting my wife to join in but then most things in life are a contradiction these days. She doesn’t even like looking at porn as far as that goes so she can’t know that I look at pictures of my friend’s wife getting fucked. That might make our weekend trips a bit awkward if she knew I saw her friend getting fucked by another guy.

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  • ian
    15-11-09 / 7:03:pm

    WOW, love to cum and take some pics for you

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