Wife Photo Sharing

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Now, it’s no surprise that my wife and I have the best sex life the world has ever seen. Well, it isn’t to us but it may be to you, I guess. Anyway, the main reason we have such a great sex life is very simple: My wife personal photos are some of the hottest around. She will do some of the craziest things you could ever imagine and let me take pictures of her. Then, we get to go through and look at all the good ones that we have kept in a scrap book. It makes us so hot looking at them that we just have to have sex right then and there.

I feel that having an outlet like taking my wife personal photos together and going through them when we want to have some fun is the most basic thing in our relationship. Now, we don’t post them online or send them into magazines or anything of that sort. We just keep them for personal reasons and find that having that little secret between the two of us helps us have a more fulfilling relationship. It also doesn’t hurt that I have a favorite personal photo of my wife in my wallet at all times. When I get bored at work, I head off to a quiet bathroom and have a very good time looking at it.

We had talked about putting her pictures on a website once but decided that the wife personal photos would probably be seen by people that we didn’t really want to be looking at them and cause us all kinds of problems. Like the guy down the street that has offered more than once to take pictures of us together. He is kind of a creepy little guy and we don’t really trust him one bit. I think he just wants to watch us having sex, but that’s my opinion. She thinks he is stalker material and that we shouldn’t even consider letting him know anything about our wife personal photos or it could cause us more problems than it’s worth. I don’t think he would cause that many problems for us, but I am surely not comfortable with letting him see naked pictures of my wife. That’s why we call them our personal pictures. It’s just between my wife and me and that is where it needs to stay for now.

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