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I have a variety of amatuer wife photos that I like to look at and some of the hottest ones I have are with the wives fucking themselves with nice big hard dildos. Just looking at them as they rub it around on their clits before sliding it in nice and deep makes me want to shoot my spunk all over the picture. That would be really messy, though, and probably ruin the picture.

My collection of amatuer wife pictures is pretty big but I have more of these dildo fucking wives than anything else. I think it’s probably the sexiest thing in the world knowing that they can satisfy themselves without anyone else being there with them. The only thing that could be better is if I was the one sliding that big hard dildo into their tight little wet pussies. Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about that right now.

I think I am going to go find me one of those amatuer wife photos and have a good long wank over it. I want to stroke my hard cock and imagine what it would feel like to have her pussy sliding down over the top of it. Getting me all nice and wet with her hot pussy juices as it runs down over my balls, thinking about how she looks in her amatuer wife pictures. I love to imagine her grinding her clit against the base of my throbbing cock as she sucks on her nipples for me. I can look up into her eyes and know for certain that she is having the best fuck in her life.

That’s what I look for in good amatuer wife photos. I love looking at their eyes as I am about to cum, too. Letting it shoot all over their faces as if they were on their knees with their mouth open begging for me to shoot it in their mouths. All of my good amatuer wife pictures have their mouths open so that I have a really good target to shoot for. That’s what makes it such fun to wank my hard cock over them, knowing that I can shoot into their mouths and they can swallow it all up for me. It just can’t get much hotter than that unless the women in these amatuer wife photos were actually right there with me, fucking me like the sirens they are. I can dream of them taking my big hard cock into them like you all know that they want to be doing.

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