Wife Photo Sharing

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It may come as a shock to any of you who are reading this, but there was a time when I was happily married. That was until I found out that my ex wife photos of her on a beach completely naked kissing another guy were being kept under her side of our mattress. It seems that when I wasn’t home she would pull it out and have a little reminiscent time of her favorite vacation.

Once I found out about my ex wife photos sitting there under the mattress, it was all I could do to not go completely insane and do things that I probably shouldn’t even be thinking about. But everything turned out for the best as I had some photos of her as well. So, I set about making a very nice little contribution to a site that I found online that gives incriminating photos to the world to rate and comment on.

My ex wife photos that I posted were way worse than just her naked backside while she was kissing some guy on the beach. I had some of her shoving a huge cucumber into her pussy while smearing chocolate pudding all over her tits. Now, that is something you don’t get to see very often. And that is exactly what her boss thought when he came across them one day.

Now, she is an outcast with every group of people she has had contact with all because of a few ex wife photos that I had found hidden under her side of the bed. It just goes to show that it’s not always guys that are hiding things to keep their wives from getting mad at them. Sometimes women are just as bad as some guys are and they need to be brought back into reality.

So ladies, if you ever think that you can get away with things like my ex wife photos were showing everyone online, maybe you should take a deeper look into yourselves and wonder what you would do if this same thing had happened to you. My ex wife lost her job because she was found posing nude online. She had worked for a highly thought of business company, her new boyfriend left her and now she can’t even go out in public. All of this happened because she thought she was being so much smarter than me.

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