Wife Photo Sharing

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I was sitting in the café the other day drinking some coffee and reading my paper when a friend of mine came up and sat down. He had in his hand a bunch of naked wife photos and wanted to get my opinion on them. Of course, I was happy to help out.

I told him they looked very good and asked him who had taken them. He said that he was the one who took them and gave me one of those wry little smiles. Then I asked whose wife it was in the photos. He gave some long drawn out explanation that I don’t even really remember all of and made me promise that I wouldn’t say anything to his wife about them.

I decided that I could take better naked wife photos than he could. So I went home and talked my wife into posing for me. We had a great little photo session and I got to take some really fantastic photos of my wife. They were probably some of the best photos of that type I had ever seen and she had made me promise not to say anything to anyone about them.

I know that I had promised but I was determined to show my friend up. I invited him to lunch and slapped my naked wife photos on the table for him to see. His eyes got very wide when he saw the photos and started mumbling something about how she never did that with him. I asked him what he had meant and he quickly sprouted something off about his wife never wanting to take naked pictures for him.

I know what I had heard and that wasn’t it. I knew he was saying something about my wife and not his so I decided to push him a bit farther on the subject. That is when I learned that he and my wife were having an affair and had been for a few years now. I guess it’s a good thing I kept the pictures because now my wife is going to have to pay just a bit. Looks like I will be keeping the house and the car when the papers are finally filled out. This should be a very good lesson for her when she decides to sleep around. She shouldn’t be taking naked wife photos with her husband to hold against her.

Image provided by Vincent Boiteau via Flickr.

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