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There is something about those good old vintage wife stocking photos that just seems to get better with time. They seem to be so classy and so erotic on how they show you everything you want to see without making them seem all slutty and vulgar. The pictures today just don’t have that quality anymore.

Not to say that I don’t mind looking at the newer stocking photos, too, it’s just that those older vintage wife stocking photos seemed to go over the top with an artistic quality. They could take just about any woman and make her look like a sex goddess. I think it is probably the black and white grainy look of the photos after they were developed that makes this possible. The new digital photos are too easy to airbrush the imperfections out of. You can’t really do that with the older photos and that is what makes them so special, in my opinion.

Perfect is too easily attained these days with all the computer programs you can use. I love the imperfections that are present when looking at those vintage wife stocking photos. The little things that told you the model was real and not some glamorized super model that never seems to eat anything but lettuce.

Give me a woman with some curves who looks good in those vintage wife stocking pictures over anything you would see in today’s magazines any day. I want to know that the woman I am looking at is not doing it to make a lot of money but rather she is doing it because she loves to show off in their stockings. That is what turns me on the most when looking at old vintage wife stocking photos. The essence of beauty that is not only skin deep but rather the minute details of imperfection that exist in all of us is the greatest of turn-ons.

I also enjoy knowing that those vintage wife stocking pictures are made when wearing stockings was the everyday normal thing for women to be doing. Now, it seems as though they only wear them for special occasions and you never seem them being worn with jeans. Back in the day, they always wore dresses and they also had to wear their stockings. That just seems to make it more special to me, more like they had just come from home and posed for the pictures without having to change into them first.

Image provided by Foxtongue via Flickr.

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